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A young and promising guitarist, exclusively dedicated to the guitar and its sound quest

Notis Mavroudis, guitarist-composer

A burning new talent, certainly one of the finest of his generation, a restless mind

Kostas Grigoreas, guitarist-composer

A solid technique that allows his innate and well-developed musicality to express itself with absolute precision

Kornilios Diamantopoulos (Jazz & ΤΖΑΖ)

George Tossikian proves that he is justly considered one of our most remarkable young guitarists

Liana Malandrenioti (Difono)

One of the most talanted musicians of the new times, gives the mature sound of a soloist whithin the thin boundary between emotion and technique

Nikos Vatopoulos (Kathimerini)

As the formalistic dust that had been gathering on the guitar repertoire for years is suddenly blown away by a draught of freshness, one has to admit that here, if nothing else, the classical guitar does not open its heart to a chance interlocutor.

Argyris Zilos (Athinorama)

Having conquered technique at the maximum level, Giorgos Tosikian entered naturally and confidence to every aesthetic particularity of the works he interpreted

Giorgos V. Monemvasitis (Eleftherotypia)